Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures

Across the system parents are able to digitally sign documents relating to their child, this means there are no paper forms for parents to sign when they drop off or collect their child from the childcare setting.

Parents are able to sign documents relating to them or the care of their children by either connecting to the Baby's Days system on a mobile device, ie: a mobile phone or touch screen tablet using the app or by signing the document at the childcare setting.

Documents that can be digitally signed by parents

Parents can digitally sign:
Contracts, Policies, Permissions, Short Term Medication, Long Term Medication, Accidents, Incidents and Existing Injuries, Questionnaires, Leaving Children and Authorised Persons.

Parents can sign documents on the iPhone and Android apps

Parents can sign documents on the iPhone, Android and Amazon Fire apps as well as a web browser on a touch screen tablet.

Parents can connect to the app and sign accident/incident forms, policies, permissions, contracts and questionnaires.

Download the Baby's Days iPhone / iPad app.

Download the Baby's Days Android phone / tablet app.

Download the Baby's Days Amazon Fire tablet app.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are some screen shots taken from different areas of the system where parents can digitally sign on the system, click on the images below to see a full screen version.

Parents sign Contracts

Once a contract has been created, marked as complete and assigned to the parents, one or two parents can digitally sign the contract using a mobile phone or tablet device.

Once the contract has been signed by one or two parents, the contract will then be counter signed by the childcare setting and your actual hand written digital signature is stored on the contract along with the date and time you signed.

Parents sign Policies and Permissions

Once Policies and / or permissions have been assigned to the parents, they can read, agree to and sign their acceptance of them by digitally signing using a mobile phone or tablet device, the parents actual hand written digital signatures are stored along with the date and time they signed

Parents sign Short and Long Term Medications

Once a course of medication is complete, the course is marked as completed and the parents can then digitally sign the medication course securely on the system using a mobile phone or tablet device, their actual hand written signature is then saved and stored on the system and can be printed at any time.

Parents sign Accidents, Incidents and Existing Injuries

Once an accident, incident or existing injury form has been completed for a child, the child's parents can digitally sign the form using a mobile phone or tablet device, this signature is then saved and stored on the system and can be printed at any time on the accident / incident form.

Parents sign Leaving Children Forms

Once a child leaves the setting the parents sign a leaving child form on the system confirming the date and time that their child left, this ensures that should any government body contact the childcare setting requesting proof of the leaving date of a child in their care they can provide this form to them.

Authorised persons can add their signature

Parents can ask an authorised person, ie: someone other than the parents who are authorised to collect their child to add their signature to the system, this signature can then be used to authorise them when they collect their child from the setting, along with their photograph and / or a password.

Parents sign Questionnaires

Once a parent has completed a questionnaire and it has been approved by the childcare setting, parents can sign the questionnaire confirming that the answers they gave were correct and accurate.

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