How to use on the web?

How to use on the web?

How to use on the web

Using the system on a web browser is very easy for parents, firstly you must login to the system on a web browser of your choice, we recommend Chrome or Firefox, with the login details you have been provided by the childcare setting, if you do not know how to login to the system using a web browser click here for full instructions.

Once you have logged in follow the intructions below on how to use the system on a web browser.

After logging in on the browser you will arrive at the diary

After you have logged in on the web browser, the first page that you will be taken to is your child's diary for the current day (1), if you would like to learn more about the diary click here, once you have read the diary you can proceed to view other sections on the system, to do this place your mouse over any of the icons at the top of the screen (2), some icons will expand providing you with additional sections, those that do not expand simply click on them to be taken to that section on the system.

Click on the Live Feed icon to view all actions for your child

Whatever section or page of the system you are on, you can click on the Live Feed icon (3) (top left corner of the screen) to be taken to a feed of events and activities that have taken place in date order (with the newest items at the top of the page) for your child (4).

Live Feed icon:

Live Feedf icon

Clicking on the Live Feed icon will allow you to view all the activities and actions that have been added to the system for your child.

For every action or activity displayed within the Live Feed you can like, comment or view the activity in the relevant section on the system, for more information regarding the Live Feed, click here.

Logout of the web browser

To logout of the web browser click on the logout icon in the top right hand corner of any page on the system.

Logout icon:

Logout icon

Clicking the logout icon at the top of any page will log you out of the web browser.

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