Video Galleries

Video Galleries

Parents can view all the videos that have been uploaded for their child, and in addition have their own parent video gallery where they can upload videos of their child, the childcare setting may use these videos to record their child's development.

Parents can comment on any videos on the system.

Available on the following Devices

Available on the Phone App Available on the iPhone & Android App.
Available on the Tablet App Available on the iPad & Android Tablet App.
Available on the Web Available on a PC / Laptop / Mac Web Browser.

Key Areas of the Video Galleries section

Every child on the system has a Progress, General and Parent Video Gallery.
All the videos that have ever been uploaded for each child are shown within their respective galleries.
Comments can be left on any video by parents.

Parent's User Guide and Information for the Video Galleries section

Shown below are a selection of screenshots taken from the web (PC / Desktop) and app (iOS / Android) versions providing a useful guide on how parents use the Video Galleries section on the system.

Apple iPhone and Android App

After clicking on the video icon on the home screen you will be taken to the overview page of the video galleries section (1), all the children you currently have in the setting will be displayed, you can now either upload a video for your child or view one of the video galleries on the system.

Clicking on the parent and child icon on the left side of the app will display an Upload Videos icon (2), click on this icon to upload videos from your device to the parent gallery.

To view a video gallery for your child, click on either of the remaining icons (progress and general), a date selector will appear allowing you to select the month and year of the videos you would like to view (3), after selecting the month and year you would like to view click on Enter Gallery to view the videos in your selected gallery (4).

Clicking on a video in the gallery will enlarge the video and also provide you with a comments box where you can enter comments for the video (5) (6), once you have added your comments they will appear beneath the video (7).

Web PC / Desktop & tablet app (iOS / Android)

The Video Galleries section can be accessed by placing your mouse over the Galleries icon at the top of the page and from the drop down list that appears clicking on the Video Galleries link.

If after arriving at the Video Galleries you need assistance with using this section, click on the Help Tour link at the top of the page where full step by step instructions on how to use this section will be provided, you can find the Help Tour link at the top of the page in every section of the system.

Help Tour:

Logout icon

Clicking on the Help Tour link at the top of the page in every section on the system provides you with step by step instructions on how to use the section you are currently viewing.

For a user guide on the Help Tours on the system click here.

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