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About Us

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Baby's Days was created with one intention in mind, and that was to make the life of Childminders, Nursery and Pre-School Staff easier, and the only way we knew how to accomplish this was to create an Outstanding software application that covered all areas of the EYFS and running a childcare business, making the completion of required paperwork quicker, simpler and far more efficient.

The wife of the founder of Baby's Days was an OFSTED registered Childminder with over 20 years experience in child care management, in June 2009 and January 2013 she received outstanding grades of 1 in all areas and naturally used Baby's Days during those inspections.

When she started childminding she mentioned to him about her concerns regarding the quantity of paperwork she must complete for each child in her care, so to make her life easier, he developed an online diary system where she could complete diaries online for the children she cared for thus saving her time to hand write diaries every day.

Although this diary system helped a great deal, there were still mountains of paperwork left for her to complete, so in April 2009, Baby's Days was designed and developed, the only system available that makes the EYFS and childcare paperwork a walk in the park for Childminders, Nursery and Pre-School Staff.

In January 2013, during her last OFSTED inspection she received an Outstanding grade for the 3rd time in a row, the inspector's comments about the Baby's Days system were that it was "Amazing".

Since launching nearly 10 years ago, we have received hundreds of emails from customers who have stated that they feel confident that Baby's Days has helped them achieve an outstanding grade in their inspections and we have copies of reports showing where the efficiency of Baby's Days has helped Childminders achieve these Outstanding grades.

Baby's Days is used by thousands of childcare settings not only in the UK but across the world!

The Baby's Days Team.

Baby's Days is a registered and trademarked brand of Sys IQ Ltd.

Sys IQ Ltd, Registered in England: 8410956

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